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How To Overcome Boredom In Your Life (6 Simple Ways)


When you feel stressed and whatever stuff you are doing detests you, it is a way of your body telling you that you are lacking something fun.

Perhaps you have been working at your job for long periods and you feel stressed out or bored, these tips can come in handy.

It is normal to feel bored easily as we can see these days so most people are on the lookout for things to do when the feeling of boredom sets in.

If you want to overcome boredom you should try out the following activities to overcome that feeling of boredom. 

1. Pick Up A New Hobby

If you feel bored pick up a hobby. By engaging in a new hobby, you feel happier and more relaxed and you won't be stressed easily. For example, you can learn to play a musical instrument or register for a ballet class. By putting this in your routine and doing the activities you will feel happier because your brain just picked up a new thing.

2. Call A Friend

Check on your old contacts, pick up the phone and call someone you haven't talked to in a while. By talking to someone when you are bored you feel more relaxed and you let go of your built-up tensions, while checking on an old friend makes him/her feel good, unconsciously you also make yourself feel good... so it's a win-win. 

3. Socialize

If this were to be an orderly list, I would put socializing as the first solution to boredom. Most times boredom hits after a long time of being stuck in a place for a long time due to a project or something else you might be working on.

When you realize you are bored just go somewhere that you can relax and chill: it could be a bar, coffee shop, Cinema or beachside - The goal is to be where there is someone you can talk to and do something fun that will lift your mood and before you know it, you're feeling more inspired and energetic and in no time, you realize that your boredom is gone.

4. Be Present

Boredom often stems from the overthinking of the mind. When you find that you can't keep thoughts from spiralling into your head, your mind clutters up and you feel stuck in your thoughts. When this happens just make a conscious effort to shut off the thoughts by being fully aware and concentrating fully on the task you are handling at the moment.

If that is too hard to do you can as well take a solo walk for some fresh air.  By being present you don't think of anything else - past or future - you are just here and basking in the wonder of now.

5. Traveling

Yes, travel when you feel bored. Sometimes boredom reminds us of the need to change our environment to experience new places and people. That might just be what you need if you feel that your boredom is due to a need for a change in your environment. You don't have to go far away to somewhere that will eat deep into your purse, perhaps a visit to a new neighborhood close by or a weekend stay at a nearby hotel or watching a movie at a cinema can help lighten up your mood. As the saying goes travelling is not expensive but are you willing to free up time? 

6. Exercise

This includes physical or mental exercise. When boredom sets in just make it a practice to do some exercise. Physical or bodily exercise like skipping ropes, push-ups, jogging or running while mental exercise can include meditating or yoga just make sure you make one of these exercises a practise whenever you feel bored and see your mood light up.


Boredom itself is neither bad nor good, only our choices about how to counter it make it so. It is a signal that what you are doing is not right and you need to engage with the world. So, stop what you are doing right now and go out there while you apply the points above.

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