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Are you a brand trying to get more recognition?, or are you a Blogger trying to get your blog post or backlink?, or yours is just looking to hype a product or goods? Then stress no more in looking out for a platform to set up your campaign because you have just reached your one-stopped shop to get you business up running and make more in return. At HowTub.com we are renting out spaces(sponsored post and advert) for your business to gain more awareness

Why Sponsored Post

Sponsored post is the post written by an Admin of a blog/website/forum or it can be written by a business' Owner/CEO/Admin/Staff held on a blog or website as form of advertisement to gain more potential customers. It is alternative means of advertising brands, products, goods and services. They analyze and dig in more details abouts brands, products, goods or services than Advertisement banner will do.

Benefits of Sponsoring Post on HowTub

What can you benefits from having your business write-up sponsored on our blog?. It is a big question expected to be asked before heading into paid post/sponsored post. On HowTub.com, your article will:- 

  • be guaranteed a top spot on our list 
  • get across to over 370,000+ monthly readers 
  • be emailed to our 15,000 subscribers 
  • get shared across our social media platforms

Why Choosing HowTub

Since the launching of this blog around April 2021, so many readers have benefited from our knowledge sharing articles from our writers around the world. We are so pleased to announce that our posts have, one way or the others, impacted so many youths lives based on the messages we do receive. 

We are one of the leading knowledge sharing, research and educating blog around the world.

Proofreading:- your articles will be checked, edited and reviewed by one of our experienced writers for poor grammatical errors, punctuation, spelling errors etc.

Referencing:- your articles will have reference of your business, brand or website. Reference like business or brand logo, website link(do-follow link), phone number, social media handles, head of marketing department name or CEO name and picture

How Can We Start Sponsor Post

Before you begin to make a move on sponsoring post, you need to decide within your organization/company on the following points:-

  • A working business email, phone number, and or website
  • Write up your article to be posted on our blog or you can choose us to write a well-tailored article for your business; that will be a stress-free for you. 
  • Make sure it is written in either PDF/DOC/DOCX or TXT format
  • Brand or Website logo will be required
You can contact Us Here. or mail us at blizay444@gmail.com

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