How To Stop Bedtime Procrastination -->

How To Stop Bedtime Procrastination

How to stop bedtime Procrastination

How to stop bedtime Procrastination

Bedtime procrastination is a scenario where people intentionally go to bed late by doing things that are not fun for them at night. They know that it is bad for them and might affect their health in the short or long term. 

Sleep procrastinating can be triggered by two things. One by delaying the time for sleeping and secondly by refusing to sleep once in bed which can be caused by distractions such as telephones and other electronic gadgets.

Since the wave of the Covid-19 pandemic there has been a larger number of people that have been working from home. Many people don't have the time for leisure activities as they are caught in between working all day so they substitute and procrastinate their sleeping time for leisure activities they might have missed during the daytime.

In overcoming bedtime procrastination there are different types of techniques you can implement to cure it but before trying out the techniques you need to know the causes and effects of bedtime Procrastination. In this article I will be discussing everything you need to know about bedtime procrastination.

The cause and effect of bedtime procrastination are;

Suppressed negative emotions: when there are suppressed negative emotions that you have embedded in your psyche, they tend to enable you to go to bed in time because those repressed emotions will subconsciously influence you not to go to bed in time. Try as much as possible to let go of any negative emotions you might be feeling. 

Lack of motivation: lack of motivation can cause one to make bedtime. When you have a lot to do but you can't seem to be motivated enough to do it you might find yourself procrastinating till your bedtime past. 

Resentment: When you have resentment towards a person or towards something that you have done that made you feel bad, you tend to think and overthink about it till you feel mentally exhausted and lose track of the time you set in going to bed.

Cyber leisure: this includes watching YouTube and browsing the internet when one ought to be in bed sleeping. This can make one lose track of time and forget their sleeping time.

Video games: while playing video games one might forget to go to bed in time because it is easy to get addicted to the games you are playing.

Effects Of Bedtime Procrastination:

Bedtime procrastination can lead to many health issues if not taken note of and curbed early. Here are lists of effects of bedtime procrastination. Bedtime procrastination can cause these effects


Anger buildups
Increased fatigue
Poor mental coordination
Poor work ethic

How To Avoid Bedtime Procrastination.

How to avoid bedtime procrastination

Avoiding bedtime procrastination is relatively easy if you can be disciplined in making sure to do what it takes to go to bed at your set time without missing it.

Below is how you can avoid bedtime procrastination if you can't seem to stop procrastination.

Finish tasks earlier. To make this happen you have to do important tasks to you during the day so by evening you will have completed your work and you can go to bed in time.
Meditate - When you meditate before bedtime you are able to clear all the stress from your psyche and you can cool down and go to bed earlier without procrastination.
Avoid body stimulation before bed - If you are planning to go to bed in time without procrastination always avoid stimulants like caffeine, tobacco or alcohol as these can add to your already clogged up mind thereby not enabling you to sleep at your set time.
Timely eating - A wide variety of research has discouraged late-night eating as it can have a toll on health in the long term. Likewise, if you want to avoid bedtime procrastination always try to avoid late-night eating, eat dinner as good as 8pm so it can digest in time and you can also have time to sleep.
Avoid cyber activities - When it is time to go to bed turn off all cyber activities including the internet and watching TV. By doing this you will easily fall asleep.
Exercise - Daily exercise sets your body clock in a regular rhythm and enables you to go to bed early without making any bedtime procrastination.


Many people stay up late and don't even know why but now you have the idea of why you stay up late which is caused by bedtime procrastination. Good sleep is equal to good health and the earlier you sleep the earlier you wake up the following day. Engage in activities that will make you sleep earlier like timely eating, daily meditation and exercise and avoid activities that will make you engage in bedtime procrastination like playing video games and watching TV. 

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