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How to Study More Efficiently


How to Study More Efficiently

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Imagine this. I will give you a Rubik’s cube, and I ask you to solve it. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to do it. .

Similarly, if you do something without learning it properly, you might be able to do it, but you will not be able to do it properly. 

As children, we were always taught what to study - never how to study. However, that is about to change. It’s not possible to cover everything in a single post.

However, this will provide you with the maximum amount of information that you need to get started.

These techniques are not just your normal “normal tricks and tips.” These are the things that I’ve personally spent hours experimenting with.

This is the crux of what I’ve learned.

Understanding the Human Brain

Before we dive into the real thing, you must understand how the human brain works. This will make things much easier for you to apply. 

Here’s a practical demo first.

2 4 1 6 3 2 9 1 0 

519 728 195

Try memorizing these two. Please, do. Spend just two minutes trying to learn them.

You’ll find that the second number is much easier to memorize than the first one is. The reason? The second number is in chunks. Grouping can help you retain more information

To our mind, memorizing the digit “2” is the same as memorizing “519.” We’re going to exploit this. 

Conclusion? Memorize in chunks.

Limit of Chunks

Our brain can memorize around 7 chunks of information at a time. The definition of a “chunk of information” is quite arbitrary. Just consider it as a “medium” piece of information. 

In any session, you must not memorize more than 7 pieces of information. This number varies from individual to individual. For some, it will be 5; for others, it’ll be 9.

What You’re Waiting for

Here’s the main part. By using these two things, we can retain information much quicker. In conclusion:

  • Memorize in chunks
  • Memorize no more than 7 chunks at a time

Reading this might be a bit confusing for you. This will only make sense if you just get started. Let me know in the comments whether or not this helped you.

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