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3 Powerful Ways To Exercise More Patience



Good things come to those who wait is a saying that summarizes the virtue of being patient. While some people are known to be naturally patient and some people to be naturally impatient, it doesn't deny the fact that patience is a quality trait that can be cultivated to be second nature. Here are some ways to exercise more patience.

1. Believe That You Have Time - All our lives we have been made to believe in the illusion that we don't have time, so this makes us set deadlines for projects or tasks and by doing this we create anxiety and lose focus easily on the task at hand

But what if you try to do away with that illusion and never be in a hurry, you will discover that your patience level is stronger; a good example is when someone is knocking at the door - Don't be in a hurry to open the door, take your time to rearrange your room or try to modify your appearance before you open the door so as not to disappoint your visitor with your untidy room. This does not mean you should waste time on something but by being patient you will end up doing a great job.

2. Think long term - By thinking long-term in any decision or choice you make you are exercising patience and a long-term plan backed with consistent action will surely pay off in the end. 

3. Reduce stress - When you reduce the day-to-day stress you are always faced with, you tend to act more patiently. There are many ways to cope with stress like exercising, meditating, doing yoga, or reading a book. Also, you can reduce stress by quitting activities you engage in that are not beneficial to you - Scrolling mindlessly on social media, watching late-night TVs, etc... are just a few of those little acts that you do that we engage in and stress us out.

Benefits Of Patience - 

Endless are the benefits attached to being patient. Patience is a really good virtue that as human beings we should strive to have, as it has been discovered that being "patient is the ultimate key to success". In this world full of rush and deadlines and people always making decisions without patience, it is punitive that a person who experiences more patience has an edge towards success than the person who doesn't. Read on to see the list of benefits that patience brings.

  1. Good decisions - When you exercise more patience you will rarely make wrong decisions. Patience gives you room to weigh the good and the bad, your selection is more on point and makes you better overall.
  2. Peace of mind - it's an irony how so many people always claim to want peace of mind while they are always in a rush. Patience comes with peace of mind, not impatience - like the saying goes, a calm mind makes better decisions.
  3. Sound mental health - studies have proven that people who exercise more patience have good mental health than their inpatient counterparts. Doing things like practising gratitude, mindfulness, and hope helps in shaping one's mental health to a more positive one which is helpful in the overall well-being of a person.
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