5 Proven Ways To Develop More Grit -->

5 Proven Ways To Develop More Grit

How to develop grit


According to Merriam Webster's dictionary-thesaurus, Grit is "the strength of mind that enables a person to endure pain or hardship". This means that a gritty person can live hardship no matter the obstacles he may encounter. 

Cultivating a gritty attitude is very important and everybody should strive to achieve it because without it success is unattainable. While you might be wondering if grit is more important than talents as we have been made to believe by the mainstream - that talent is the fundamental basis of success - the good news is that might be true to an extent, the bad news is that having talent alone doesn't guarantee life's success; but by developing an attitude of grit, your chance of success just took a leap.

If you are now lucky to be a talented person and are gritty as well you are assured of success in life. Read on to discover how to develop this essential virtue for success.

Five Ways To Develop Grit…

  1. Be specific - When you are clear about your goals and intentions, you will be able to move in the direction of the target which you are aiming at - no matter what happens you just keep going because you know what you want.

  2. Be optimistic - To develop a gritty attitude you have to learn to be able to stay positive no matter what the outcome of a situation might be. This is a good psychological trick to maintain an attitude of grit because it enables you to stay grounded with the assurance that things will come out good.

  3. Be passionate - The grittier you are the higher level of interest you will put into your craft. People who are gritty share the quality of being passionate about their work or goals - they show up every day and persist in getting better at what they do by practising every day.

  4. Be confident - You can't be gritty and have low self-esteem. No, you must possess a decent amount of self-confidence. This should not be confused with being arrogant. While it's good to be confident to develop a gritty attitude, a gritty person must also be humble and never look down on anyone.

  5. Look for likes - The popular saying that "birds of the same feathers flock together" is a saying that summarizes what is to be expected of a gritty person. To be gritty or gritter you need to move with people who are likewise gritty as you are because you will end up acting the way gritty people acts. Likewise, if you surround yourself with people that are not gritty you will be influenced by their negativity which can affect your thoughts and emotions.


Grit is not something that requires muscle to develop, nor is it something you must acquire with physical exercise. You can cultivate grit from your inside out, this is a well-known fact because grit is a form of mental toughness and with persistent determination, it can be developed by anyone no matter how weak you might have been mental.

Developing grit also means experimenting with the above ideas, and practising them over and over while learning what works through trial and error. Without effort, one's talent is just an untapped gold mine.

P.S - Read this book by Angela Duckworth if you want to learn more about Grit

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