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How To Be More Proactive At Work & In Life

How to be more proactive

What Does Being Proactive Mean?

Being proactive according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is "acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes". It means you tend to prepare for the future and anticipate it with optimism.

You don't allow things to happen to you because you dictate your circumstances and you do not allow circumstances to dictate your actions. Although as a human being there are some things that happen that you cannot control but it is just that you tend to focus on what you are able to control and take responsibility for it. 

A proactive person realizes that he/she is the product of his mindset and decisions and they are always thinking about ways that they will grow and improve in every area of their lives. Many people don't Want to grow or just don't see the need to grow and improve their lives, so when something happens to them that is unexpected instead of focusing on how to change their situation by being proactive, they slip into the victim mode and find someone or something to blame instead of taking responsibility and giving up.

A proactive person doesn't do all that, instead they take charge of their life and work for what they want, they simply know how to respond to negative events with positivity and are not easily overwhelmed by their challenges.

You might think a proactive person is someone with a superpower or magical abilities, no, a proactive person is just someone who is conscious enough to make good decisions that will affect the lives of himself and those around him positively - which is why they achieve a lot. 

Proactive people share some similar traits or qualities.

Qualities Of A Proactive Person

To recognize a proactive person there are qualities you should watch out for which define them. They make use of these qualities all the time in life and at work. 

Persistent: A proactive person is always persistent in whatever they want to achieve. No matter the obstacles they face, they keep on pushing till they grind out the results they desire. 

Action takers: A proactive person knows to achieve their goals they don't just sit there and expect what they want to fall on their laps, proactive people take massive actions that propel them in the direction of their goals.

Communication: This is a top trait of proactive people - they are good communicators. They regularly communicate about their feelings and needs and when there is a problem, they actively work on solving it.

Flexibility: To be a proactive person you must be flexible and be willing to undergo changes. A proactive person is not rigid and makes changes that will positively affect their lives. Do not confuse this as indecision because proactive people are good at making decisions but when a need to make positive change arises, they do it without a second thought.

Responsible: A proactive person is responsible and doesn't shy from duties. They take responsibility and love to help people. At work, they are the go-to-guys when a difficult situation arises and when there is a need for a scapegoat, a proactive person takes responsibility and absorbs the blame for other people's mistakes.

Delay-gratification: A proactive person plans ahead and doesn't satisfy the immediate urge for pleasure. This doesn't mean proactive people are boring and not fun but they just tend to plan for the long term and always delay gratification. They have long-term projects and work on them till they achieve them.

How To Be More Proactive At Work:

When working, a proactive person is known for their abilities to communicate, organize tasks, and take actions that will lead to the development of the company or organization. They are able to take on a larger workload. 

If you want to be more proactive at work you should be more open-minded and willing to ask questions and take more responsibility. When assigned to a group for a collaborative project as a proactive person you should play your part and if you are a proactive leader you can volunteer to be the group project leader, this way you will be able to reach out to other colleagues for support and offer support before the project's deadline.

Punctuality is a key quality you should have when you want to be more proactive at work. This way your bosses notice you and anytime there is a need for promotion you will definitely be nominated for any position.

At work, a proactive person is always looking for ways to learn and improve, so they are always self-reliant and don't need feedback before they work in themselves. They are more trusted by their bosses because they provide timely updates regarding clients or customers. At work meetings a proactive person is always active; they ask good questions and always contribute their opinions on any topic discussed.

How To Be More Proactive In Life:

To be more proactive in life you need to inculcate a load of daily habits. These habits set you apart from reactive people. Being proactive in life is also similar to work proactiveness but has some other habits which are different from work proactiveness. 

To be more proactive in life you have to take care of things around you; the environment, family, and even yourself. You should always go for regular check-ups and don't wait till the illness gets worse. You exercise daily to keep fit and, in the family, you should be seen as caring and loving. 

In relationships with people and your environment, as a proactive person you should actively engage with friends and always take care of your environment by solving a problem with other members of the community when a problem arises.


You have learned what it means to be proactive both in life and at work and what qualities set them apart from reactive people. Know that to be proactive is not a genius work or magical ability, they are sets of habits and little skillset you inculcate in your daily routines.

Before reading this article, you might have been a reactive person but now you know what it will require to be a proactive person henceforth. Teach yourself to practice being proactive every day, and with full consciousness in implementing them being proactive becomes your second nature. 

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